[Seaside] My sample Seaside web-app..

Rick Flower rickf at ca-flower.com
Sat Apr 1 01:31:27 UTC 2006

Michel Bany wrote:
> You need some extra parcels.
> 1. Grab the parcels at : ftp://mbany.ath.cx/SeasideWebDesignerTool.zip
> (As a matter of fact, these parcels are on the VW distribution but are 
> slightly outdated)
> 2. Make sure that SeasideAsync is loaded in your image, this is needed 
> by the extra parcels.
> 3. Load the parcels from the zip into your image, SeasideImage first.
> 4. Visit http://localhost:8008/seaside/go/WebDesignerTool and follow 
> the instructions

I did as you suggested above with a brand-new VW (7.4nc) image for 
testing it all out.. After I got the following all loaded up :

- Load SeasideSettings from Public repository
- Load Seaside from public repository
- Load SeasideAsync from public repository
- Load SeasideImage parcel from local directory (part of 
- Load SeasideWebDesignerTool parcel from local directory
- Load Glorp from public repository

Now, when I try to create a new CSS library, it prompts for the library 
name and I entered "MyWebApp" and hit the create button, it goes away 
for a split second and come right back to the "A name for your library" 
prompt again.. Once this occurs, I can't get back to the main CSS tab 
listing the available libraries anymore without creating a new session.. 
Once I do get back to the main CSS tab, my new library is not there.. Am 
I missing something else?  I don't see any complaints or other messages..
I did find the sample libs in the system browser and my "MyWebApp" is 

Also -- is there an easy way to remove existing CSS libraries (or any of 
the other types as well)?  Just in case I mess up.. Although I guess I 
can just poke around in the system browser the old fashioned way to get 
that job done..

-- Rick

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