[Seaside] My sample Seaside web-app..

Michel Bany michel.bany at gmail.com
Sun Apr 2 20:49:40 UTC 2006

On 01 Apr 2006, at 03:31 , Rick Flower wrote:
> Now, when I try to create a new CSS library, it prompts for the  
> library name and I entered "MyWebApp" and hit the create button, it  
> goes away for a split second and come right back to the "A name for  
> your library" prompt again.. Once this occurs, I can't get back to  
> the main CSS tab listing the available libraries anymore without  
> creating a new session.. Once I do get back to the main CSS tab, my  
> new library is not there.. Am I missing something else?  I don't  
> see any complaints or other messages..

I had a look at the issue you are describing. I found out that  
everything works as expected if you press the RETURN key rather than  
hitting the Create button.

The application uses the #request: method for this dialog. The  
#request: method calls a WAInputDialog component that uses the  
#defaultAction: mechanism.
I am suspecting something to be broken in the #defaultAction: method,  
after a new approach was recently introduced. Both Seaside Classic  
and Seaside Canvas seem to be affected, since they are using the same  
technique in the 2.6b1 version.


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