[Seaside] Newbie question

Mark Walter Mark-Walter at t-online.de
Fri Apr 14 17:58:15 UTC 2006

Hi Lukas,

> unfortunately this doesn't help much, Seaside is different. Better
> forget all you know about PHP, PERL and CGI. Seaside is completely
> different ;-)

quite easy, doing more kernel stuff at the moment ...

> Which tutorial?


> Does the web-application run on YOUR machine?

No, actually not. I have a ftp access which is working and as a domain:



But I get the error message:

Bad Gateway

The proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server.


I understand why because I didn't upload a file.

> To get it running on your machine you need the Squeak VM, the Squeak
> sources and the image and changes files with Seaside installed. As a
> start I would suggest that you take a prepared image from
> <http://www.seaside.st/Download/>. Then you develop/install the
> application into your image and as soon as it works you upload it to
> seasidehosting.st.

Maybe later on I will install smalltalk locally, I have an apache here
in my LAN.

> > Has smalltalk and seaside a functionality like an index.html for the
> > first site ?
> This is the default application as defined in your Squeak image.

Sorry, I don't understand the meaning. What do you mean by saying
"default apllication" ?

> There is no such a thing. There are only objects, no files.

So it's required now for lug-bremen.seasidehosting.st to download an
image from http://www.seaside.st/Download/ and to install this over my
ftp access for lug-bremen.seasidehosting.st.

Is this correct so far ?

> That's because there is no Squeak image running, see the FAQ.

Ok, I understand. I have to install in image over ftp.

> I will be announcing a Seaside tutorial that I will be giving as part
> of a Smalltalk lecture at the University of Bern, maybe that would be
> a good start for you?

I had a look at it but I have only an easy basic question and I'am aware
now I have to install an image.

Thank's for your reply !

Best Regards,


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