Scaling Seaside apps (was: [Seaside] About SToR)

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Tue Aug 1 18:00:27 UTC 2006

You should realize that S3 provides availability over consistency.  It is quite possible that you can put a chunk of data, ask for it back, and get the previous version due to propagation delays across the replicated store.  Great for backups, not so hot for real time usage. 

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Wow, it actually provides "key" access to ByteArrays..  I didn't see that at first.  Very interesting..!

--- Darius Clarke <socinian at> wrote:

> Could, should Magma also use Amazon S3
> as a  storage device?
> I've not thought through what it would take to optimize for it, but it 
> might reduce a lot of data/code/image persistency headaches.
> Cheers,
> Darius

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