[Seaside] SeasideWebDesignerTool broken when loaded with latest Seaside version?

Michel Bany m.bany at wanadoo.fr
Sun Aug 6 15:21:28 UTC 2006

Rick Flower a écrit :

> Michel,
> If I start with loading the following parcels into a brand-new VWnc 7.4
> image in the order shown below, I get the error shown at the bottom.  
> Do you by chance have a newer version of this parcel floating around 
> which has this issue fixed?  I screwed up my old image and can't get 
> this one to load without it getting my image stuck in a tight 
> loading-loop (the loader never comes back if I press 'proceed' twice 
> once the exception fires).
> Items to load on top of a base VW7.4 image
> ============================================
> Load SUnitToo (20,xp)
> Load RBSUnitExtensions (9,tgriggs)
> Load ExtraRBForSUnitToo (22,xp)
> Load RBCodeHighlighting (1.49,georg)
> Load RBCodeModelWithVariables
> Load Tools-Refactoring Browser (latest version)
> Load SeasideSettings (2.6b1.29.0,mbany)
> Load SeasideForWebToolkit (2.6b1.58.0,boris)
> Load SeasideAsync (2.6b1.41.0,boris)
> Load SeasideTestingBundle (r1.2-13.0,mbany)
> Load SeasideWebDesignerTool (1.1,mbany)
> =============================================
> You might be able to ditch the first 6 items from the list, but that is
> what I was loading to make my normal image.. 

Hi Rick,

Glad to hear that someone else than us is using this tool.

The packages for this tool are not yet polished and the prereqs are 
assuming that
Seaside is loaded into the image from parcels. Therefore, in the 
situation you are
describing, loading the tool causes VW to reload a different version of 
from the parcels located in the contributed folder. This clearly creates 
a mess.
I corrected the prereqs and published SeasideImage(1.2,mbany).
Everything should work fine again next time you try.

Another remark : package SeasideWebDesignerTool has package SeasideImage
as a prereq. These two packages are combined as bundle SeasideImageTools.
I recommend that you load the bundle rather than the package.

All the best,

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