[Seaside] Using Mewa with Seaside 2.6 or higher..

goran at krampe.se goran at krampe.se
Tue Aug 8 06:16:35 UTC 2006

Hi Rick!

Rick Flower <rickf at ca-flower.com> wrote:
> While I realize that this was asked about a month ago regarding Mewa use 
> with Seaside 2.x, I'm curious if anyone has tried using Mewa with 
> Seaside 2.6x specifically.. I've got existing code I'm working on that 

We used it in Gjallar, but I ended up rewriting Mewa in a different
style so we do not use Mewa anymore.

> uses the new Canvas API and am curious as to whether or not Mewa would 
> mix in that environment (mixed Canvas vs. old API) or does Seaside get 
> sea sick with that (sorry couldn't resist!)?

You need to go through the Mewa code and canvasify it. Pretty easily
done, Mewa is quite small. We did that, until we dropped it. I might
have some Mewa version laying around that is canvasified, ask me for it
and I can take a look. ;)
> Also, In my case I'm using VisualWorks, so I gather that some changes 
> may not have been done on this variant perhaps.. So, is anyone using or 
> tried using the current Mewa on a newer Seaside?

Yes. :) But as I said, I ended up writing something of our own due to
several factors.

I did consider moving to Magritte (Mewa is after all not developed
anymore), but decided to keep things small and simple and I also had the
notion that a tailor made framework for Gjallar would be easier to work
in. Since I haven't used Magritte I can't say that that is so - but I
think so.
> Thanks!
> -- Rick

regards, Göran

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