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Jason Johnson jbjohns at
Wed Aug 9 16:43:44 UTC 2006

Wow, I just installed the installer and seaside looks even more
incredible then it did before.

There was one question that was asked on the "HREF considered harmful"
site, and Avi answered most of the questions but not this one which was
something I was conserned about myself.

One user asked about generating XML instead of HTML directly and then
doing XSLT conversions to get to the final output.  Avi had a good
answer for this, except for the situation where the client is actually a
phone or something like this.  How is the best way to handle the
situation when your client may be a normal web browser or it may end up
being a phone or something?

I had been writing, in my spare time, an apache module to convert XML
into some other form based on some rules (like cacoon, but without the
Java).  After seeing seaside, I have almost completely abandoned the
idea.  The only thing that keeps it in the back of my mind is this


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Pavel Krivanek a écrit :

> I think that we should split Seaside package into two or three
> packages and create something like Seaside-Loader (see
> ShoreComponents) to be able to strictly detach Squeak-dependent stuff.
> That will make porting to VW (and other platforms) more easy and it
> will also help us to load this package into the kernel image.

Squeak-dependent stuff is already completely detached in Seaside.
The port to VW has become fairly easy with the 2.6b1 branch
and is about 99% automated. So I do not quite understand what you
have in mind with splitting Seaside into two or three packages.
Could you elaborate ? What would those packages be ?

> I may try to load the latest versions of this packages again and
> report problematic code. Maybe Michel Bany should do the same.

Here too, I do not understand. What exactly should I do ?

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