[Seaside] Re: SUPeriodical - changing the frequency on the fly

Ramon Leon ramonleon at cox.net
Sat Aug 19 06:46:19 UTC 2006

> I think that I am starting to see why this will not work and I am begining
> to understand what you said.  I suspect that SUPeriodical will only render
> the paragraph containing the "script".  Because the whole html page is not
> re-written, the javascript code in the page is not updated with the new
> frequency.  Is this correct?
> ... Frank

Right, the periodical only updates the contents of the paragraph, it 
does not rerender itself.  Doing so would likely start two periodicals 
on the client side, it'd act as a new one, but the old one would 
probably still be running.  You could reuse a periodical over many 
different renders, but it'd render a new client side instance each time, 
it wouldn't update the existing one.

When I said the object was transient, I meant that they're a thin veneer 
over the client side JavaScript library, they aren't server side objects 
per se.  Treat them like you would treat any other render method, 
they're for rendering, not really meant for storing in instance 
variables or reusing.

If you dig around and look at how they work, they basically get 
interpreted into equivalent JavaScript strings that get tagged onto/into 
the generated html.  Hunt down the javascriptOn: messages in the image 
to see how they work.

The canvas API is html in Smalltalk syntax, scriptalicious is basically 
JavaScript in Smalltalk.  Of course, there's not a lot of documentation, 
this is my understanding of how things work from my own experience, I 
could well be wrong.

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