[Seaside] Dynamic form

Cédrick Béler cbeler at enit.fr
Fri Aug 25 15:35:14 UTC 2006


I have a simple form where an input is added when a link is clicked. The 
problem is that I cannot change the form, hit the link and keep the 
value that were changed.

| collection |
    collection := self event victimeState.
html form: [
    collection withIndexDo: [:victim :index |
                        html render: 'Victime ', index printString.
                        html select
                                list: self class values;
                                selected: victim etat;
                                callback: [ :value | victim etat: value ].
                        html break].                           
    html anchor
        callback: [collection add: SUPVictime new];
        with: 'Ajout d''une victime']

-> the problem I have is if I select a choice in the list and then add a 
new victim, the previous choice is cancelled
For now I use an ugly turnaround:   onChange: 'submit();'   (but that 
submits the whole form...)

Is it possible in to update the model on the server side with 
scriptaculous when modifiing a form input without having to submit the 
whole form ? I don't understand scriptaculous deep enoug to see if it's 

My aim is to remember slots values of a form (with several inputs) 
without it being submitted.

Also, is it a good practise to mix ancor or seaside component in form 
(with classical form inputs).
In other word, is it possible to make a call inside a form. I think no, 
but they might be a way to do that like having an hidden Field storing 
the result that is answered




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