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Jason Rogers jacaetevha at gmail.com
Fri Feb 10 05:43:26 UTC 2006

BTW: I had the same problem with reports on leaf nodes.  I patched
PRReportView>>#buildReport with the folllowing code.  I'm sure it's
not the right thing to do, but it got me around the error very
quickly.  If I figure out what I should really do before someone else
I will report back.

	^ self structures isEmptyOrNil ifTrue: [
		(MAReport rows: (Array with: 'Error generating report'))
			addColumn: (MAColumn new
				selector: #yourself;
				comment: '';
				title: '';
		ifFalse: [MAReport rows: self structures description: self description].

On 2/9/06, jennyw <jennyw at dangerousideas.com> wrote:
> Lukas,
> I saw the suggestion to use Pier as a CMS.  I downloaded Pier from
> SqueakMap. I'm sure I didn't quite get it right, since some Report
> sometimes results in an error (if I'm in a leaf node, I think), and
> since clicking on Wiki prompts me to download the file (at least in
> Firefox).  But what I saw looks like a good basis for a CMS. The only
> thing I'd be concerned about, though, are the URLs. I realize that
> Seaside by default has session info in the query string, but for a CMS,
> this could be problematic.  What do you think about issues like
> bookmarking and search engines? It's nice that URLs like:
> http://localhost:8080/seaside/pier/Information/Introduction
> work without the query string, and that they're consistent, but I'm
> wondering in particular how a search engine would read the page (I would
> guess this differs from search engine to search engine).
> Thoughts?
> Also, is there any sort of role-based security planned for Pier?
> Thanks!
> Jen
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