[Seaside] (no subject)

Rich Warren rwmlist at gmail.com
Tue Feb 21 11:59:45 UTC 2006

First let me start with a small disclaimer. I'm new to seaside/ 
smalltalk/squeak/etc. So I may be missing something simple.

I would like to develop a seaside web app on my Mac using squeak. But  
the app will (almost definitely) end up on a windows machine. I need  
a good database that will work in both environments. A lot of people  
seem to recommend Goods, but I don't know how well it will compile on  
my Mac (some newer unix stuff just works--and some doesn't). And it  
would be nice to find a good smalltalk database--having everything  
living in squeak would make it easier to move back and forth between  

So I've looked at Magma. The problem is, it looks like Magma has had  
a few recent changes, and seems to be having problems. I'm having  
trouble finding up-to-date documentation.  I THINK I finally have it  
set up properly (though there is a strange enter password to unlock  
keychain/enter password to save keychain two-step dance I have to go  
through every time I start up the squeak image, which just feels  
wrong). More importantly, the MagmaSession method connectAs: seems to  
have vanished (though  the magma seaside stuff (e.g. WAMagmaSession)  
still try to use it). I've tried to fix it by using connect: (which  
did not work) and connect (no arguments). The second attempt worked,  
sort of. But when the web browser starts a new session it takes  
several seconds for the web page to load--which feels too long. And,  
when I have multiple browsers/sessions open, they work fine at first,  
but eventually stop seeing each others changes. So something's not  

So, does anyone have a better recommendation for a database that I  
can move easily between Mac and PC? Or does anyone know a trick to  
getting the new version of Magma to work? Any suggestions are welcome.


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