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   I know it's been a week since you posted this, so your issue might be resolved...  But I think that the example you gave is faulty...

   id := (html attributes at: 'id' ifAbsent: [ 'id' -> 'default-id' ]) value

   is, at least according to the Dictionary API, exactly what you'd expect...  (#at:ifAbsent: evaluates the block and returns the result...)

   Things would be wonky (wrt Dictionary API) if:
   a> html attributes at: 'id' ifAbsent: [ 'id' -> 'default-id' ]
     in any way modified the attributes (the block doesn't modify the attributes)
   b> html attributes at: 'id' ifAbsentPut: [ 'default-id' ]
        returned an association.

Friday, January 13, 2006, 10:20:28 AM, you wrote:

> Hi Avi,

> I find the api of WAHtmlAttributes a bit strange.
> #at: answers the value while #at:ifAbsent: and #at:ifAbsentPut: answer
> an association

> This imposes strange, difficult-to-read and error prone (imho)
> constructs like:

>         id := (html attributes at: 'id' ifAbsent: ['id' ->
> 'default-id']) value.

> One would rather expect a behavior similar to Dictionary.

> Any chance to see this corrected ?

> Michel.

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