[Seaside] Automatic Object Storage To MySQL

William Harford seaside at harford.org
Wed Jan 25 21:40:20 CET 2006

I don't mean to get to far off topic but I figured some people on  
this mailing list might be interested.

I have written some code that allows automatic storage of Objects to  
a MySQL database without the developer having to write any SQL or  
create a single table. It does this by examining the objects i-vars  
creating a table and saving them to a database biased on what it finds.

Only a few member types are supported (hopefully more in the future)
   1. Nil
   2. String
   3. Number
   4. Boolean
   5. Date
   6. DateAndTime
   7. Float
   8. Array (Dictionary)
   9. List (OrderedCollection)
   10. Class (My not apply to languages other than Smalltalk)
   11. Children of IOSPersistence

Objects can not change type. So member var foo can not contain a  
String one minute and a Number the next. But it can contain any child  
of IOPersistence if the field type is IOPersistence.

The code is less than ideal and needs some cleanup and the  
OrderedCollection/Dictionary stuff needs some serious help.

The project can be found under the title "Automatic Object Storage To  
MySQL" on SqueakSource or  http://www.squeaksource.com/IOSPersistent/ .

I would love to get some feedback or see if there is any interest in  
this sort of thing. The implementation in my mind is not important  
but I think the idea of automatic Object to Relational mapping is.


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