[Seaside] Automatic Object Storage To MySQL

William Harford seaside at harford.org
Wed Jan 25 23:38:11 CET 2006

On 25-Jan-06, at 5:16 PM, Dane Jensen wrote:
> This sounds a lot like Og (www.nitrohq.com) for Ruby. You describe  
> the instance variables of your objects and their relations, and Og  
> generates the tables and does all the ORM magic behind the scenes.

I have not looked at Og but IOSPersistent does not ask the programmer  
to describe anything other declaring the class. I am lazy and like to  
do as little work as I can get away with:-).

> I'm very much interested in this sort of thing and would love to  
> lend a hand. It seems to fill the empty space for a lightweight ORM.

Please by all means. I think I configured the project on SqueakSource  
to allow anyone to upload. Have a look at the code (don't run  
screaming) and make any changes, additions, or ideas you would like.  
What ever strikes your fancy.

> -Dane
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