[Seaside] Getting Started Recipe

Ramon Leon rleon at insario.com
Thu Jun 1 16:34:34 UTC 2006

> Before I spend a bunch of time that only duplicates the work 
> of others, I wanted to do a reality check.
> Is there anywhere a step-by-step recipe for how to get 
> started and build a "core" Seaside Web app? I think I'm 
> closing in on a process (there are probably lots of 
> approaches, of course) based on reading Lukas Renggli's 
> wonderful but necessarily sparse slide-based tutorial, and 
> I'm about to test it by building my first from-scratch 
> Seaside app this weekend. As a person is first a writer, then 
> a coder, I tend to take careful notes during the development 
> process with the idea that a written procedure might be 
> helpful to others.
> But if this stuff is already done somewhere (if so, where?) 
> or if it seems to the community like this is pretty obvious 
> stuff and I'm beating a live seahorse (sorry for the mixed 
> metaphor), I'll just go on my merry way.
> Seaside, by the way, is awesome!
> Dan

Even if someone else had already done it, I'm sure no one would mind
another tutorial.  Please share anything you have with the community,
documentation is always welcome.

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