[Seaside] Database Integration

Ramon Leon rleon at insario.com
Thu Jun 1 16:56:41 UTC 2006

> Still, it seems that a separate dB would provide a nice way 
> of accessing different types of data, large quantity of data, 
> and a good backup system.
> Am I wrong in thinking this? Let's say you need to store 
> audio data and/or video data. This can become quite large.
> What architecture are you suggesting when you recommend object dBs?
> brad

Personally, I use Goods, check out the following tutorials on the

There is also, OmniBase, and Magma.  Goods and Magma are server based,
OmniBase is file based.  I never quite got OmniBases tamed for Seaside
due to it's multiversion concurrency control and sharing objects between
transactions, but I know others have.  Magma worked great, as simple as
Goods, but was too new at the time;  I chose Goods instead.  Things may
have changed since then.

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