[Seaside] [MEWA] Problem with singleRelationshipAttribute:

German Arduino gsa at arsol.net
Thu Jun 1 23:21:38 UTC 2006

Hi Guys:

I've found an odd behavior using #singleRelationshipAttribute:.

After saving an object that has some "data" of another objects linked by 
a singleRelationshipAttribute, when I try to edit it, sometimes the 
edition works ok, but other times don't work, showing the nilItemString: 
instead the proper data.

I can't precise exactly when, but may be sometimes when I import data 
from XML (using SIXX) or from serialized objects (using 
ReferenceStream). My first suspicion was that the data were bad 
formatted by the serializer or the sixx, then I've developed a simple 
report (using WATableReport) but the data seems to be ok in all cases.

Then, putting somes "self halt" here and there, I've inspected and 
explored bad showed and correctly showed objects, and both (bad edited 
and correctly edited) look exactly equals, but yet some (the not 
imported) are correctly edited (*) and the imported from out of the 
image are showing the nillItemString at the combo instead the correct data.

(*) Edition is done using MWEditorVisitor.

Well, it's all for now, any help will be appreciated.

Best Regards.

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