[Seaside] Seaside and high-volume websites

Chad Nantais chad at clearwaterassociates.ca
Wed Jun 7 18:50:11 UTC 2006

Thanks for sharing this, Nevin.

May I ask how you store your data (object DB, relational DB, the image)?



On 6/7/06, Nevin Pratt <nevin at bountifulbaby.com> wrote:
>  I just wanted to provide a report to everyone on our experiences.  We have
> experienced very high volume this week, and Seaside has handled things just
> fine.
>  First of all, many of you might remember about a year ago I questioned
> Seaside's ability to handle high volume.  At that time, we had an image
> growth problem that killed the image after a few days.  I think it was due
> to a DOS attack at that time that we have not experienced since.
>  Anyway, we created a new doll, Avery, which you can see in the middle of
> our home page:
>     http://www.bountifulbaby.com
>  A couple of weeks before we received our shipment of these dolls, we gave a
> prototype to a lady by the name of Carol Canale.  We also gave Carol one of
> our manufactured bodies-- ones that we manufactured here at Bountiful Baby
> specifically for the Avery doll.
>  Carol is probably the best reborn artist in the world.  She "reborn'd" the
> vinyl, and turned it into a *very* realistic baby doll.  It sold on eBay for
> $5600.  Here is the link:
>     http://tinyurl.com/z7l8o
>  This auction was the highest selling reborn baby doll in eBay's history.
> It was also the #1 watched auction in all of the "Dolls & Bears"
> supercategory on eBay most of the time the auction was on.  It generated a
> huge amount of interest in our Avery's, and our "pre-notification" list grew
> to an incredible number of interested folks, all of whom wanted to be
> notified when our shipment of Avery's came in.
>  So, when our first shipment of Avery's came in, I was very worried about
> Seaside's ability to handle the volume.
>  Well, our first shipment of Avery's came in on Monday.  We made most of
> them available to our customers on Monday.  They sold out within about an
> hour.  Then Tuesday we made another 160 available (our last ones from this
> shipment).  They sold out in 53 minutes.
>  And Seaside handled things just fine, without even a hickup (we are still
> running Seaside 2.3).
>  I just thought a lot of you might like to know.
>  Nevin
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