[Seaside] Configuration with VisualWorks?

Roland Hochmuth rhochmuth at comcast.net
Sat Mar 4 23:32:46 UTC 2006

Seaside Users, I've just started out with Seaside and Smalltalk. I'm  
using VisualWorks 7.4. I've had no problems downloading Seaside and  
running the examples or even adding new apps/components to the pre- 
configured seaside web site. So far, I'm very impressed!!! Initially,  
I had the site automatically created by the AAADocumentation class.

What I would like to do now is create my own WEB site with it's own  
root directory, not in the $(VISUAL_WORKS_HOME)/web/examples  
directory, but I'm missing something on how to configure this. I've  
gone through the VW WEB development example and created a new web  
site by modifying webtools.ini and creating a foo-site.ini, but I'm  
not able to connect this up to Seaside. So then I tried another  
approach to creating a new site, by borrowing code from  
AAADocumentation and changing these around a little to create a new  
WEB site, but all I can display is the readme.html in the browser,  
which is the default home page.

So I guess I'm looking for possibly a little explanation or cookbook  
on how to get going. Does anyone have any pointers or suggestions?

Regards --Roland

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