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stephane ducasse stephane.ducasse at free.fr
Tue Mar 7 20:05:02 UTC 2006

I understand.
I think that seaside is missing a solid library of components and  
some really simple way to build
UI (because the problem is that UI is boring to write at least for me).
So having ready to use pluggable report is still needed.


On 7 mars 06, at 08:25, Yann Monclair wrote:

> Yanni Chiu a écrit :
>> Seasidehosting is a great step. The hosting facility is fine.
>> But I don't see a lot of apps yet. Has not enough time elapsed,
>> or is building a Seaside app still too hard? Don't know the
>> answer. Earlier, on seasidehosting, I counted 63 sites, but
>> only 16 running (one of them www itself). Of the 16, only 7 had
>> an app linked from the default path. Of those, 3 were Pier apps.
> I have been using Smalltalk for more than 4 years now. And I must  
> admit I find seaside hard. I have the idea of the html code I want  
> to be generated. I believe I know enough Smalltalk to express my  
> idea in Smalltalk. But I always get stuck with little problems, how  
> to do this, how to do that.
> The different tutorials on Seaside I found explained very basic  
> examples (f.e. the counter). I am trying to make a website to  
> replace my current blog (using a php app). I just want a small  
> webpage, with menus on the side and 1, or 2 at most, entries.
> I think a tutorial showing how to reverse engineer from the html to  
> the seaside would be nice. I would bet most of the people  
> interested to try out seaside already know html, possibly php, or  
> even $(whatever) Server Pages.
> I had given up on seaside, but seasidehosting gave me the will to  
> pick up seaside again.
> Yann
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