[Seaside] Seaside on ST/X ?

Tony Garnock-Jones tonyg at lshift.net
Fri Mar 31 10:15:16 UTC 2006

Lukas Renggli wrote:
> Good to know. It seems to be an awful lot of work to get continuations
> in ST/X. As far as I remember from a discussion with Claus it involves
> messing around with the C stack, so this is probably not something
> that somebody just can do with enough time. It is certainly not as
> easy as in Squeak or VisualWorks. However, I am quite sure that they
> will do it, sooner or later ... ;-)

The Scheme interpreter SCM (by Aubrey Jaffer) uses a C-stack-copying
technique to implement full continuations (which I once abstracted into
a full-continuation library for C (!) ...). The main difficulty with it
is exposing the copied stack as a GC root; this was solved in SCM with a
conservative collector. If ST/X already has a solution for finding roots
in a C stack, it may not be so hard.

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