[Seaside] Re: Seaside on ST/X ?

Petr petr at madnetwork.org
Fri Mar 31 13:45:23 UTC 2006

I hope, it will be sooner than later. I like ST/X very much, because it 
is fast (an OmniBase test run 10x faster than in Squeak) and can be used 
free of charge and the UI is also pretty nice. When I looked at Seaside 
in ST/X some time ago, I ported some classes from Squeak which were 
missing so that I didn't get any DNUs. However, I didn't know about 
continuations, all I read about it is 
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Continuation. Does one have to alter VM to 
have it? I do not see any primitive calls in the Squak VM. (I am a noob).


Andreas Brodbeck wrote:
> Andreas Brodbeck schrieb:
>> Lukas Renggli schrieb:
>> In the documentation of the Continuation class it says:
>> "Initial attempt - Contnuations do not work yet."
>>> I don't know if there is any chance that this changes soon. It would
>>> be very cool to have Seaside in ST/X and would certainly boost the use
>>> of this environment.
>> I will try to ask them.
> ...so I did, and the answer from the company is: For getting the 
> Continuations to run, they guess a work amount of half a year. But they 
> don't plan to work on it, since they have no projects which need it.
> Well, bad news, but still, ST/X is open source. Maybe there is someone 
> which don't fear the implementation of the Continuation class out there...
> Andreas

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