[Seaside] Re: Swazoo versions

Janko Mivsek janko.mivsek at eranova.si
Tue May 30 07:45:14 UTC 2006

Hi Esteban and others,

Esteban A. Maringolo wrote:
> For example, you can't have Seaside and Spray web services running on 
> the same image, because they're incompatible (besides the fact that the 
> naming convention of Steve is different to the Sean's one*).
> Plus, Dolphin ships with Steve's version, which is appropriate 
> considering the existing goodies and packages available, but not the 
> best option aiming to a broader audience through Seaside and other 
> popular developments that would come.
> I leave the topic here, to see if there is enough interest to make it 
> happen. I would like to see Sean, Steve, Janko, the OA people, perhaps 
> Bruce Badger too, and anybody willing to collaborate at least in 
> testing, joining efforts for this.

For Dolphin I propose the next plan:

1. Port SPort portability layer to Dolphin (urgent!),
2. port Swazoo 1.1.x (dev.branch towards 2.0) to Dolphin,
3. adjust Seaside and Aida to a new Swazoo,
4. include changes and goodies (like GUI console) from Steve's Swazoo,
5. release Swazoo 2.0 on Dolphin, together with 2.0 on other dialects.

In parallel there would be nice to do the same for Squeak and maybe some 
other dialect too, so that we can exchange porting experiences and also 
make Swazoo even more easy to port in future.

See also my statement of direction at http://www.swazoo.org/development.html

So, all that said I think we can achieve as you propose, Esteban. But 
porting SPort is definitively a first step. Is there anyone who is 
willing to do SPort port ASAP?

Best regards

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