[Seaside] [VW7.4.1] The page cannot be displayed

Bany, Michel mbany at cincom.com
Mon Nov 13 11:01:34 UTC 2006

> I'm very glad to hear that people are paying some attention 
> to this issue. 
> Thanks!


I believe I found the reason for this issue.

It looks as if MSIE does not like an HTTP header with no
space after the colon while WebToolkit does not output any.
I see this as a bug in MSIE since RFC 2822 specifies that
spaces after the colon are optional (page 46). The same bug
exists also in IE7.

I was not curious enough to determine which header exactly
was affected, so I created two patches to WebToolkit to make
sure that a space is inserted after the colon in all headers.

The patches are available on the public store as part of package
WebToolkit/Patches 2.6b1.118.1. You can either load the
patches from the package, load the package itself into your
image or rebuild a new image by loading SeasideForWebToolkit.

I hope these patches will fix the issue for you.


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