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Michel Bany m.bany at wanadoo.fr
Sat Oct 14 15:17:19 UTC 2006

tgkuo a écrit :

>Hi, VW guru, Michel etc: 
>   I tested seaside port on VW recently, using Swazoo server.
>   The system was down after running several hours every time I ran
>Seaside web site, VW system showed error dialogs about memory and
>stack overflow and became unresponding.
>     What's the cause ? is it due to the memory management on VW or my
>system ( Windows XP , ram: 512mb ). 
Hi Tk Kuo,
Out of the box, VW restricts itself to 160mb. Your system may very well 
need more than this.
You can change this upper limit in the Memory Policy settings.
On the other hand, if you have stack overflows, these are probably 
caused by bugs in some
of your code, for instance sending messages to self instead to super.
Best luck,

>Best regards,
>Tk Kuo  
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