[Seaside] Re: WAApplication isDeployed vs. deploymentMode

Bany, Michel mbany at cincom.com
Wed Oct 18 09:09:24 UTC 2006

> I still don't see the point. Why do you want a counter in you 
> deployed application? Why do you want the dev toolbar in the 
> config application of the . Why can't your build system take 
> care of that?


When you want to remove a Seaside application from the image
you need first to remove their entries from the dispatcher.
You can use the config tool for that. Next, you should also
remove the classes you do not want from the image. That may
be quite complex. Removing the WACounter, the Store demo app,
the Seaside tests, the WABrowser, the WAInspector, and so on.

For my customers, it is considered enough to perform the first
step and leave the unwanted classes in the image. As long as
they are not accessible with an url, it's fine. This step is
automatically achieved by implementing #isDeployed to answer
true on the class side of the applications you want to deploy
and to send #trimForDeployment to the dispatcher. This is done
for WADispatcherEditor and WADispatcherNavigator.

I also suggested my customers to register at least one application
(config for instance) with authentication and #deploymentMode
set to false so that the toolbar is shown. This provides a back
door for accessing the class browser and the inspector. This has
helped for debugging headless images.

IMO, the above demonstrates that #isDeployed and #deploymentMode
are truely orthogonal. And, yes, renaming #deploymentMode to
#showToolbar would make a lot of sense.


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