[Seaside] database stuff

Jason Johnson jbjohns at libsource.com
Mon Oct 23 20:00:54 UTC 2006

William Harford wrote:
> On Oct 20, 2006, at 2:15 PM, Jason Johnson wrote:
>> Very cool.  Is this how the ruby database stuff works?
> I am not sure how the Ruby stuff works but you could do a CRUD frame 
> work with REServe.
> The idea with REServe is the database is created/maintained using your 
> object model.

I don't either to be honest.

>> I am tied up with RecuranceRule right now, and after that a web 
>> site.  But when I get those two things done I was considering doing a 
>> RoR type thing in Seaside.
> I would be happy to help with the effort. I would suggest we don't try 
> and copy RoR but try and address the same problems in a different way.

I don't mean copy exactly.  I was just thinking of the features and make 
them better at every point.  For example, with RoR (I did the tutorial a 
little) you run some command to create the "application".  We could do 
this from the web in seaside.  Then in RoR you define the database for 
the new application in a config file.  This could also be done right in 
the web page on seaside.  Then in RoR if you want to change how things 
are displayed you have to get into template nastyness.  If we build on 
top of Pier you can build the pages right inside the browser and not 
have to do any template stuff.  For the database stuff we could make a 
new kind of component for pier that integrates with the database a 
little better.  The idea being, I think we would want to be able to 
accomplish as much as possible without writting any code.  RoR gets a 
little ways, but I think we could do better.

I don't know what web frame work shoppers look for, but if I needed to 
do a CRUD set up, I would see it as a big win to have a frame work where 
I can do everything right in the browser.  No command line stuff.  No 
templates.  No lines of code.  Just do it all in the browser from the start.
>> Of course it will be "seaside-esque" (i.e. everything is done in the 
>> web, no config files, etc.  And styling is done with CSS instead of 
>> hand written template yuckery).  So I need to know what database 
>> thing will get me the closest to the ActiveRecord stuff they do 
>> (haven't really looked at it yet).
> REServe would give you the data component. I would be cool if a 
> programmer could simply define the interface and have the data model 
> and database create themselves. It really should be quite easy to do 
> with Seaside.
> I have actually thought quite a lot about this and would love to get 
> stared in the near future if time allows.
> I would love to write a lot more on the subject but I am just to busy 
> today. If you would like to start a dialog on the subject please do. I 
> will jump in when time allows.

Yea, my time is pretty limited at the moment as well.  But I think this 
is really important, so if no one does it first, I will do what I can. :)
>> Also, does your driver have any compiled components?
> I use a slightly modified MySQL driver. And Yanni Chiu's PostgreSQL 
> driver to interface with the databases. Those drivers are abstracted 
> from REServe via the REServeMySQLDriver and REServePostgreSQLDriver 
> classes.
> Both the MySQL and PostgreSQL drivers are native Squeak.

Wonderful.  After the system is made it could be just a simple squeakmap 
entry that loads everything, and then our system would probably be the 
quickest around to get from no where to a web site with database back end.
> Keep in touch.
> Will

Will do.  Thanks a lot for the information.
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