[Seaside] Checkbox trouble with converting to canvas API

Philippe Marschall philippe.marschall at gmail.com
Mon Oct 30 09:42:37 UTC 2006

2006/10/29, Carl Gundel <carlg at libertybasic.com>:
> From: "Philippe Marschall" <philippe.marschall at gmail.com>
> > 2006/10/27, Carl Gundel <carlg at libertybasic.com>:
> >> I'm converting my application over to the new canvas API.  It's going
> >> reasonable well, but for some reason I cannot get the checkbox in the
> >> example below to invoke its callback when the form is submitted.  I had
> >> no
> >> trouble with this using the original API.  I've tried a bunch of things
> >> to
> >> no avail.  Any ideas why this might not be working?
> >
> > Where to start?
> > - there is no form with id #activeStuff only a div
> > - #with: has always to be the last message, anchor #text: is an alias
> > for #with: so it has to be last message as well.
> That's kind of odd.  :-/

It's the same way like the element. First the attributes, then the content.

> > - forms should be submitted by submit buttons, that's what they are
> > there for. If You don't like their appearance, use CSS.
> Sure. I intend to.  :-)
> > - you can make use of #on:of: for form elements.
> Thanks for the help.  It worked.
> >Forms are one of the suckiest parts of HTML. Seaside can't hide that.
> Perhaps not, but I did try to solve my problem by looking at other working
> code and by reading other posts first.  Seaside is very cool and powerful,
> but not quite obvious.  Better docs are needed.



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