[Seaside] [Ann] Magma now works on seasidehosting

Keith Hodges keith_hodges at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Sep 2 00:48:55 UTC 2006

Thanks Lukas,

I think that the extra files setting helped a lot. I remember on Solaris 
that I used to have to give my applications extra open files you may be 
able to ask for more resources from the OS to help with this problem.

I now have test.image running the magma store example.

Using the MagmaControlPanel (in test.image) there is a button for 
creating an empty repository, and a further button for initializing that 
repository with some data. These steps are not included in the original 
store-magma demo but I put them in so that the MagmaControlPanel UI 
would have an example.

Remaining issue 1: At present you have to create the directory for the 
repository manually.

Remaining issue 2: Having created and initialized my repository if I 
click the 'done' button (which closesTheMagmaSession) The error is 
likely to be a MagmaUserError 'No transaction to commit.' But this error 
appears to break the whole application. Since I get a proxy error and 
have to restart the image. If I simply ignore the 'done' button and go 
back manually to the config page, everything works fine.


>> acceptHandler: Too many open files
>> acceptHandler: aborting server 7 pss=0x80f3428
>> socketStatus: freeing invalidated pss=0x80f3428
> This looks like you are opening too many files.
> We have to restrict the amount of open files, to avoid that an account
> eats up all the resources. I just raised the maximum number of open
> files/sockets from 20 to 64, powers to two are cool and this seems to
> me a more reasonable number. If you restart your VM you should get the
> new quota. Tell me if this helps.
> Cheers,
> Lukas

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