[Seaside] (no subject)

Michael Roberts mike at mjr104.co.uk
Mon Sep 4 15:40:26 UTC 2006

I've committed a change to the repository:

"Name: Seaside2.6b1-mjr.77
Author: mjr
Time: 4 September 2006, 5:33:05 pm
UUID: e800b6ad-cf6c-4ca5-a5ec-e2c1939f43a5
Ancestors: Seaside2.6b1-pmm.76

Attempts to fix a bug in the CSS of the halo header where the  
background colour is not displayed.  It looks like the problem is  
that the outer div has no height because the inner divs are floated  
left and right respectively and there is no other content to provide  
height.  The hack is to put a div in with a clear:both at the end of  
the div.  There is probably a neater way to do this.  Only tested on  
Safari and Firefox.

Also moved the rendering of the icons up the method since it seemed  
more logical.

If there is a better way of doing this then please improve!

--Mike & Adrian"

I'm not sure when this stopped working but I have seen it on and off.

Comments, improvements, CSS experts all welcome.



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