[Seaside] Show custom response on expire

Martin J. Laubach mjl at laubach.at
Thu Sep 7 22:33:28 UTC 2006

  Okay, I have found the method called when a session has expired
and hooked myself in by subclassing WAApplication and wedging that
in. So now I have a MySeasideApplication>>handleExpiredRequest:
and I'd like to tell the user why his click on the "search" button
brings her back to the start screen. Also, I'd like to have that
information be "in the style" of the rest of the application, ie.
I need the standard decoration and styles.

  However, at this place in (or better out of) the application's
control flow, I'm not sure how to do the working equivalent of

    handleExpiredRequest: aRequest
	response := self magicallyBuildResponseByCallingComponent:
	    ApplicationTimeoutInformer new.

  I guess I could redirect with a special parameter that tells
the application to display the information page on startup, is 
that the correct way to do it?


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