[Seaside] music remixer

Brad Fuller brad at sonaural.com
Fri Sep 22 23:25:39 UTC 2006

Jay Hardesty wrote:
> OK think the problem was I had "localhost" instead of the
> proper address below.
>     html tableRowWith: [
>         html
>             attributeAt: 'src' put:
> '', fileName;
>             attributeAt: 'width' put: 256;
>             attributeAt: 'height' put: 20;
>             attributeAt: 'controls' put: 'true';
>             attributeAt: 'cache' put: 'false';
>             attributeAt: 'autostart' put: (fileName = 'blank.mid') not
> asString;
>             attributeAt: 'loop' put: 'true';
>             tag: 'embed']
> Now I expect the transport should appear...?
on opera, It didn't for me. I went back to the main page and then linked

On firefox, the frame of the transport appeared, but then Firefox
complained that it didn't find a suitable plugin.

(Seems unfortunate that you resort to specifying the exact ip address.)

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