[Seaside] [ANN] SeasideTesting release 1.4 available on SqueakMap and SqueakSource

David Shaffer cdshaffer at acm.org
Sun Sep 24 16:14:56 UTC 2006

Release 1.4 has better support for more recent versions of Seaside
(tested against Seaside2.6b1-mb.84) and Squeak (first release for
Squeak3.9).  This version is a derivative of Release 1.3 which had a few
significant API changes from the more popular 1.2. 

- HTML elements significantly refactored

- Some selector renaming was needed (or convenient).
   Generally any selector which contained elements now uses entities
   Same for element -> entity
   Selector #id renamed to #cssId

- Entities returned from various methods now support queries for
sub-entities.  So, for example, you can get back a DIV using
#entityWithId: and then query that DIV for its inputs.  Older releases
required you to get the "form" before you could query for inputs etc.

- Support for "default form action" (use #submitForm: instead of
submitForm:pressingButton: or just specify nil for button)

- When a component answers it is not automatically redisplayed (an
intervening dialog is displayed).  This is to avoid infinite loops with
tasks that don't actually display anything.

- Tests case entry points are now created in a sub-dispatcher
("folder").  You will want to periodically clear at this folder with:

(WADispatcher default entryPoints at: 'activeTests') entryPoints copy
keysAndValuesDo: [:key :value |
    (WADispatcher default entryPoints at: 'activeTests')
removeEntryPoint: value]

  I haven't yet thought of a way to automate this.

- A web test runner front end is included.  Add an entry point with
SCTestCaseMain as the root.  It provides a list of test cases organized
by class category.  It also accepts a URL parameter named filter whose
value is a wild card used to match class categories.  So, for example,
on my server /seaside/testRunner?filter=*SeasideTesting* shows all tests
in categories matching *SeasideTesing*.

This release is a derivative of one that I am using in a production
system and it has proven very robust for me.  Feedback is always welcomed!


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