[Seaside] Performance issues

Joseph Blatter josephblatter62 at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 18 22:39:49 UTC 2007

Hi. I have some performance issues. Please note that I do not know the Seaside internals, just I want to know if it's possible to do the following things:

1) I want to preload the pages in a cache *before* they are displayed. Think in a Promise or Future object but for the renderer. Then the WAMyComponent is "ready to display" and all that I need is to send this mysterious object to the browser so is rendered.

2) I've read there is a LRUCache, and by observations it's inside the continuations i-var in the WASession object. I have this sequence

WAOne (open Two) -> WATwo (cancel) -> WAOne

When WAOne is displayed again (from an #answer: in WATwo) it seems to me it's rendered again because it stands 4 or 5 seconds to render in the browser. It's the component cached? Where it is if that's the case? Can I use that LRUCache or another one?

3) Does it make any difference ***in performance*** to make a really large #renderContentOn: with renders all the page *OR* cutting this #renderContentOn: into 20-30 or more methods and pass the renderer all the way down? 

My facts is I cannot simplify my pages, they are complex and there are a lot of html inside there.


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