[Seaside] Re: Protogrowl

Squeaker squeakman at gmail.com
Thu Dec 13 18:16:32 UTC 2007

C. David Shaffer wrote:
>>> Thanks for the pointer.
>>> Could anyone clear up some confusion on my part - I am trying to figure
>>> out how one finds things.  I used SqueakMap Package Loader and looked
>>> around but could not find anything about protoGrowl.
> SqueakMap is a good guess but, as you've seen, some packages aren't 
> available there (or the version on SqueakMap is old and you might want a 
> newer one).  Package universes are another source but I seldom use 
> them.  The next source to open a web browser on www.squeaksource.com, 
> click on the "Projects" link and enter a search term.  If I do this with 
> the term "protogrowl" then squeaksource lists the SeaChart package.  If 
> I click on that package I see a very long web page where, down at the 
> bottom is a section with the heading "Registration" and the text:
> MCHttpRepository
>    location: 'http://www.squeaksource.com/seachart'
>    user: ''
>    password: ''
> (I'll refer to this text as the "repository spec") Copy that text to 
> your clipboard, go to the Monticello Browser in Squeak and click 
> "+Repository", select HTTP from the menu and paste the repository spec 
> into the dialog and click accept.  The SeaChart repository is now 
> available in the monticello browser.  Select it in the right-hand pane 
> (if it isn't already selected) and click the "Open" button.  Now you're 
> browsing the SqueakSource repository for SeaChart...there may be many 
> packages there.  One of them will be ProtoGrowl.  Keep in mind that most 
> developers use SqueakSource for unstable releases so you might want to 
> read the package comment before you load it.  Once you've found a 
> version you like, click "Load". ;-)
> HTH,
> David
This helps a lot.  Many thanks to both Philippe and David; I feel that I 
am now on my way.  I can't help but think this will also aid other newbies.

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