[Seaside] Seaside Mysql Question

Chris Cunnington cunnington at sympatico.ca
Fri Dec 21 22:56:33 UTC 2007

So, Keith, 

"I think Chris doth speaketh to sooneth."

I think you meant to write "too". Unless you meant I'm speaking to a
Mr./Mrs. Sooneth. I don't know anybody by that name.

You have a MySQL solution that doesn't use the driver that's readily
available on SqueakSource/SqueakPackageLoader written by Alan Reider. I
think that supports my statement that it's not referred to very much.

You use one that works with Magritte. And you agree with me that there is
nothing for MySQL in Glorp at the moment.

Your link works if you add a "d", as in "addons", as in magritteaddons. OK.
And there are lots of versions, the latest being 16,
Magritte-RDB-kph.16.mcz,  of the RDB package. Ahh, and you must be "kph";
its author. 

There are specific WAMysql classes in that add-on package. Cool. Looks like
a solution. It seems a drag to me that the you need to add 22 class
categories of Magritte, and then 4 more of your package for this solution.
I'd rather avoid Magritte. It's a PHd thesis, and so not optimized for
simplicity. People who use it, love it, I suppose. Probably makes them feel

I think Keith, that if you wrote up something on how to use your driver and
put it on seaside.st, then it would prove quite popular. You could use it to
assimilate people into the Borg that is Magritte.

I just looked on SqueakSource, and the latest update of Reider driver
is...in the last three hours. Mysql-alnr.15.mcz was posted today, it seems.
I think I'll have to try that driver again. The last time I did on Leopard,
I was given a "primitive failed" error. I do have access to other operating
systems, though. 

Hmm, you're a co-admin on that project. I guess you just added an update.
Correct?  How about you write a tutorial using the MySQL driver without
Magritte. Now THAT would be a hit.


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