[Seaside] Forcing a re-rendering of a portion of a page w/i a liveCallback..

Rick Flower rickf at ca-flower.com
Sat Feb 10 20:33:46 UTC 2007

Rick Flower wrote:
> Hi all again..
> I'm still working on my shopping cart code and have code that removes 
> an item from the cart, but can't seem to find an easy way to redraw 
> the cart contents via the liveCallback mechanism.. Currently the item 
> to be deleted is removed from the cart but a reload of the page is 
> necessary to see the updated cart contents.  I believe this is one of 
> those things I'm not supposed to do in a callback -- if that's the 
> case what are my options to achieve this sort of effect?
> _______________________________________________
Nevermind.. I forgot to wrap my code in a div to update.. Once I did 
that it started working fine.. Sorry..

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