[Seaside] seaside + svg

Mircea Lungu mircea.lungu at lu.unisi.ch
Sun Feb 11 00:40:54 UTC 2007


I am new to Seaside and I am trying to write a small application  
which uses svg graphics. I have created a new FileLibrary in which I  
added an svg file: 'abstract.svg'.

I have then created a component which has the following is in the  
renderContentOn: method:

	(html attributes)
		at: 'type' put: 'image/svg+xml';
		at: 'src' put: '/seaside/go/files/WAMyFileLibrary/abstract.svg';
		at: 'width' put: '400';
		at: 'height' put: '400'.
	html tag: 'embed'.

The issue is that every time I load the page I get a download window  
instead of seing some fancy graphics. Is there anything I can do  
about this problem? Does anybody know of any tutorial for seaside+svg?


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