[Seaside] 10th time is a charm!

Michael Roberts mike at mjr104.co.uk
Sun Feb 18 22:57:23 UTC 2007

> .
> Squeak and Seaside are a lot to bite off. I would appreciate any  
> pointers on where to get started. I need a refresher on Smalltalk  
> syntax, an idea of the cycle of interaction with Squeak -- the usual.

If you haven't already seen them you should check out Stef's list of  

For syntax, Smalltalk by Example has some nice opening chapters.  If  
you have the time there is a lot of material available to read.  The  
fastest way though is to learn by doing.

To get up to speed quickly with Seaside grab a prebuilt image (if you  
haven't already)

For learning Squeak (or Smalltalk in general) one important starting  
point is
	senders alt/apple -n
	implementers alt-m
	references alt-shift-n

These allow you to jump around the environment to find examples of  
code by highlighting text that looks interesting.  Look at  
#renderContentOn: methods and borrow the code.  Using senders will  
show you other methods in the system that send the same message.  You  
can find complete examples like this.

Use implementers if you want to see how something is implemented, or,  
to see other objects that also respond to the same message.

Finally, references allows you to go backwards from the name of a  
class to where it is used. Another fine way to find examples.  The  
main principle is that the system is full of code to borrow, if you  
only know how to look.

Have fun!



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