[Seaside] Re: Fwd: OSCON 2007 Call for Participation Ends Soon

Yanni Chiu yanni at rogers.com
Mon Jan 29 06:02:54 UTC 2007

Giles Bowkett wrote:
> I'm still a big big newbie with Seaside, but I'm going to submit
> something about Seaside, Rails, and the whole idea of "href considered
> harmful."
> I actually did a ten-minute version today as a screencast:
> http://www.gilesbowkett.com/screencasts/seaside_rails.mov

Great screencast! I hope you get to make a presentation at OSCON.
In any case, if the screencast gets good play, it'll still be a
big PR boost.

In the conclusion you have Seaside trumps Rails (in some things),
and vice versa. I'd be curious to know where you think Rails
is "better". Is it better out-of-box experience, better documentation,
easier RDB hookup, more ready made components, etc.?

Again, thanks for this screencast; it really gives me the sense
that Seaside is gaining traction and ready for take-off.

Yanni Chiu

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