[Seaside] VisualWorks + WebServers

Janko Mivšek janko.mivsek at eranova.si
Wed Jul 25 08:53:09 UTC 2007

Hi Boris,

Boris Popov wrote:

> Also, how does your work on swazoo relate to the work Bruce is doing 
> with sport and hyper? Shouldn't that be the focus? To an external 
> developer like myself it seems there are two completely separate efforts 
> going on based off the same codebase.

Swazoo 2.0 is heavily relying on Bruce's Sport and porting Sport to 
other dialects
actually allows Swazoo porting very easily. I can say that we are 
cooperating well on Sport together.

About Swazoo vs. Hyper, that is a sad story of misunderstanding IMHO. 
Ok, it is also my fault I was a bit slow to merging Bruce's work to main 
  Swazoo branch, which let him fork. But if you look at Swazoo 2.0 it is 
very similar to a Hyper, because most of Bruce's work is now merged. And 
I still hope me and Bruce will merge sometimes those forks back together.

But don't forget that I'm using Swazoo in many production servers and 
reliability is very important for me. That's a reason Swazoo development 
is kind conservative (careful). For instance 2.0 is still in beta 
because I'm still not quite sure all bugs are resolved. Even that 2.0 
beta is actually running in production for months. That Swazoo will 
therefore be well tested and proven in production already when released.

Best regards

Janko Mivšek
Smalltalk Web Application Server

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