[Seaside] VisualWorks + WebServers

Ramon Leon ramon.leon at allresnet.com
Wed Jul 25 20:35:12 UTC 2007

> OK, so the key here is that it's not a single fully rendered 
> page per HTTP response, but rather a sequence of several "UI 
> artifacts" (for lack of better expression) packaged in a 
> single response where you need to previous one to be rendered 
> before the next one arrives. Is that getting close ?
> Thanks,
> Martin

Basically.  A splash page is a good example, you stream out something to
show the user (makes him think site is fast because it responds so quickly),
and then maybe do a search or something that takes a bit longer.  When you
get results, you stream them out and then some JavaScript that hits the
client and does the transition from splash page to content.

If you know something's going to take a while (say 5 seconds) and you know
you don't want to let the user sitting for more than 2, then you can take
advantage of a streaming server in ways that are hard to fake otherwise
without messing up the back button.  To do such a splash page without a
streaming server requires rendering the splash page first, and then having
some JavaScript post back to the next step.  It looks about the same but
breaks the back button, which now goes into a loop as you go back to a
splash page that submits instead of the previous page.

Streaming servers are really nice to have.

Ramon Leon

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