[Seaside] Server sizing - 100 concurrent users

Edward Stow ed.stow at gmail.com
Fri Jun 1 09:09:35 UTC 2007


I have been asked to quote on a web application and am considering
using Squeak / Seaside.

I have to specify the server environment that is required or desirable
for the application.  I do not have the time or luxury of building the
application then sizing the configuration to suit.

So the limitations are that the server will be linux distribution.  I
would like to know if their are any known issues with RedHat / CentOS.

Memory,  the client specifies that we have capacity for 100 concurrent
user sessions.

To handle 100 sessions, I assume that we will need the type of
configuration used for
DabbleDB - Apache load balancer, multiple images, etc.

What RAM requirements should be necessary - my guess is that the
application will be fairly simple - say Sushi shop  x 5.  (IE about 5
modules each roughly as complex as Sushi shop.)

The application has only very limited need for a database.  Currently
I anticipate serializing the object model for each user.

Any known issues with 64 bit chips for the VM?

Any comments would be welcome.



Edward Stow

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