[Seaside] Receiving the Answer of a Child Component?

Andrius Paulavicius apaulavicius at gmail.com
Sat Jun 9 18:02:39 UTC 2007

Components can intercept answers of child component. You should add something 
like "self onAnswer: [:ans | self answer: ans]" to GHWelcome initialize

> Newbie alert, folks.
> My root component is a subclass of WATask (named GHStart), and the
> first move in my workflow is basically this:
> user := self call: (GHWelcome new)
> GHWelcome renders two child component: one that allows users to
> register, and one that allows them to login.  Might as well serve both
> on one page, right?
> So, the essence of my problem:  when a user logs in or creates a new
> account, those child components need to return the user object,
> causing the GHWelcome instance to #answer the originating #call from
> the instance of GHStart.
> Any ideas as to how I can do this?  Please be gentle, as I am rather
> new to Smalltalk in general (I hail from Ruby).  There might already
> be a tutorial that I am missing, or this may have already been
> answered on the list before, I just don't know the right thing to
> search for.
> It seem inappropriate to have the children talk to the parent,
> GHWelcome, as that pretty much throws the idea of reusability out the
> window...
> Thanks,
> Michael Gorsuch
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