[Seaside] How to Implement a Website

Sebastian Sastre ssastre at seaswork.com
Fri Jun 29 12:18:44 UTC 2007

Hi Richard,

	a couple of threads ago ("Best way to embedding Seaside in static
HTML?") was discussed about exactly this concern you have, may you want to
take a look at it.

	With Seaside the html is always a consequence of your Seaside
application so you will have to forget the approach of using it as a cause
(of a page). Also the experience of developing those applications will be *a
lot* like developing desktop applications (developing the causes of the
html). That is one of the key advantages of Seaside because it will be
tempting you (developer) to deploy desktop like applications that run in web

	Said that, you can allways do "static windows" on desktop
applications. In seaside you can do that making components that render it's
content in the canvas. The problem of this is that is not *that* efficient
nor escalable as an apache serving files. 

	To make the static efficient you can manage apache to serve static
content (html files and even resources like jpg, png, etc) and embbed (or
redirect) when proper your Seaside application (that you may want it look
the same with CSS).

	There is a blog post in the blog of Boris that will give you
technical details on how this is archieved (mostly apache conf stuff).

	Hope this helps,	cheers,

Sebastian Sastre

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> I thought one of the advantages of Seaside was being able to 
> do away with HTML templates and to generate HTML 
> programmatically. If a particular webpage consists of a mix 
> of HTML (from the traditional website) and a dynamic web app, 
> are you supposed to generate HTML just for this webpage? 
> How do you get your website to serve up *both* the 
> traditional webpages and the Seaside app? (I saw a blog that 
> explained how to setup a virtual http host and a Seaside 
> server in Apache2, but I am unclear about the mechanism by 
> which traditional webpages and the dynamic app coexist.)
> Thanks,
> Richard
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> >> Do you create a component for each webpage with its own 
> renderContentOn:
> >> message? If so, how do you invoke a webpage component when 
> you click on 
> >> one
> >> of the menu anchors (eg, html anchor callback: [???] with: 
> 'about us'.). 
> >> Is
> >> this even the correct approach using Seaside?
> >
> > You will have a hard time building a traditional web site with
> > Seaside. Seaside's target is building dynamic Web Application. It is
> > possible though.
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