[Seaside] SeasideHosting problem with Css

Florian Minjat florian.minjat at emn.fr
Wed Mar 7 10:39:41 UTC 2007

   I confirm that there is no need for a '/seaside/' in the path as I 
ran 'WADispatcher default setName: ''' in order to get rid of it. This 
could be the problem though.
   My application is a role-playing game developped in seaside since 2 
years now and is working very well on a unixshell virtual server and 
localhost. I wanted to use seasideHosting to do some tests before 
putting big updates on the production server. I didn't change anything 
from my configuration. I fact I just uploaded my local development 
image into seasidehosting.
   The problems are on the standard libraries and css of a seaside 
application. I have another css but it should work the same as I 
definied it from the config app in local.
   Before you ask, we plan on sending an email to present this game as 
soon as the béta version is finished.


Philippe Marschall wrote:
> 2007/3/6, Chris Cunnington <cunnington at sympatico.ca>:
>> I have a feeling that adding "Seaside" to the path is not going to 
>> solve the
>> problem.
> Can you please check if the the link I posted works for you?
>> If he left out "Seaside" it would stop dead right there and say
>> "Bad Gateway".
> This in general means that your Smalltalk image is down.
>> As I understand it he gets a working Scriptaculous with a working Counter
>> but with no CSS. I loaded Pier on my Red Hat server last night, and 
>> it's a
>> bizarre problem. I loaded Damien's image, because when I load Seaside 
>> from
>> Seaside.st I can get Scriptaculous to upload the CSS style sheet from 
>> Bern,
>> but the JavaScript/Ajax is frozen. Dead.
> Since we included file library into Seaside (last October) the
> Scriptaculous examples ships with all the resouces included and do not
> need and internet connection anymore.
> Cheers
> Philippe
>> So I upload Damien's image, and now the Ajax works, but the CSS style 
>> sheet
>> is unretrievable. In the non-Pier image you can see, when you click "View
>> Source" in the browser that there is a link to Europe. In Damien's image
>> that links is gone, and if it has been replaced with a 16-character 
>> session
>> marker, it is beyond me to know how these links are put in the 
>> <head></head>
>> section.
>> I hope I have not misunderstood the problem,
>> Chris Cunnington
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