[Seaside] Summer of Code Project

Bill Atkins atkinw at rpi.edu
Wed Mar 21 13:18:58 UTC 2007

It doesn't look like I'll have time to participate in GSoC this year,
but if I did, my project would have been Ballast: a load balancer for
Seaside applications.  Ballast would manage several Squeak VM's and
direct incoming requests at the appropriate image.  It would snapshot
images that remained idle for too long and bring them back up on
demand (this is based on Avi's description of how DabbleDB works).  It
would probably make sense to base this on some well-tested
load-balancing package and just add Seaside-specific functionality on
top of that.

Anyone who's looking for a project can feel free to use the idea
and/or the name.

Bill Atkins

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