[Seaside] Summer of Code Project

Avi Bryant avi at dabbledb.com
Wed Mar 21 18:49:42 UTC 2007

On 3/21/07, Sebastian Sastre <ssastre at seaswork.com> wrote:

> If I understood right, that can be done only if every application is used by
> one user or extremely low concurrence circunstances. Low as much as the
> maximum concurrent users per image squeak can reasonabily manage. In such
> way one can use lovely ImageSegments for persistance. But how we
> horizontally scale an app supported by Squeak with 100 concurrent users?

No, this has nothing to do with persistence.  This is just about
assigning each user or small group of users their own copy of the
application in their own image.  These copies can all be of the
identical application and use the identical backend database.


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