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Couple of questions below...


Sebastian Sastre


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> On 3/21/07, Boris Popov <boris at deepcovelabs.com> wrote:
> > Let's not forget that Avi's application is very well 
> partitioned, so 
> > taking down images and bringing them back up fits perfectly with a 
> > model of 'image-per-application'. Most other applications 
> out there do 
> > not have such boundaries, so running as many images as 
> possible close 
> > to server capacity and balancing between them is probably a better 
> > thing to do and any layer-7 load balancer should be capable of 
> > handling session affinity properly, hence the value of inventing 
> > something new might be reduced.
> Even if you have a shared database between all your users 
> (say, you use GLORP to access a single RDBMS), I think it's 
> still valuable to keep each customer isolated in their own 
> image (and if you're doing that, bringing them up and down 
> all the time is the only way not to fill up your server 
> memory too quickly).  That way anything that happens to one 
> customer - an infinite loop chewing up resources, a #halt you 
> add in a debugging session, a rollout of an experimental new 
> feature - doesn't affect anyone else.  What you're describing 
> is certainly simpler, but I do love my thousands of images...
If I understood right, that can be done only if every application is used by
one user or extremely low concurrence circunstances. Low as much as the
maximum concurrent users per image squeak can reasonabily manage. In such
way one can use lovely ImageSegments for persistance. But how we
horizontally scale an app supported by Squeak with 100 concurrent users?

> Avi
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