[Seaside] IE not refreshing ?

Rusty okushi at gmail.com
Sat Nov 24 19:11:56 UTC 2007

Hi all,
I've been playing with seaside and scriptaculous for some time now,
happily developing with firefox. Yesterday decided to try my page on
IE and found out that it has some different behaviour for updating
For example, I have a root task that implements the following #go

self call: WAMyComponent new

My component have some input text, that after entering some values and
call #answer:, they don't get blanked (They does on firefox).
Same thing with updating forms. The following method does rerender the
textInput in firefox, and it just ignores it in IE:

renderFormOn: html
	html form
		id: 'form';
		with: [
			html textInput
				on: #val of: self;
				onChange: (
					html updater
						id: 'form';
						triggerForm: 'form';
						callback: [ :object | self renderFormOn: object ] ) ]

Assume that #val: does something like val := anObject asNumber min: 10
so you can test entering 20 and seeing it change to 10 on unfocusing.
The updater callback gets evaluated, but the browser just refuse to re
render it.

Any ideas of what I'm missing here ?

Thanks for reading.

okushi at gmail.com

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